Primer on Uranus transit of Taurus - May 2018 - July 2025

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Uranus is the awakening principle while Taurus seeks stability and predictability.  Taurus represents the earth and its resources including precious metals.  The increase of extreme weather will continue into the years ahead. 

Necessary changes in your value systems and how you go about obtaining a sense of security is undergoing revisions - it will be important to obtain nutritional food, to be aware of where you live (coast lines, fault lines and areas conducive to fire).  Financial reversals will occur in baking and economic systems.  Financial systems and technology will be an area of growth in order to penetrate beneath the superficial and understand the true problematic situations underlying the changes.

A cycle of growth in media, education and online resources will proliferate.  Creativity married with innovative technology will rapidly increase.

A continued effort to monetize and control the internet (Net Neutrality) will be a theme.  Finding and working with like-minded others who share your values and vision for the future strengthen.  Revolution themes grow regarding money, taxes and salaries.  The rise of cottage industries in the home will increase.

Power will seek to control more and more of earth's resources - water, land, crops and climate manipulation.  The term "deregulation" is sold in it's messaging as a good thing but it serves the corporation and provides easier access to degrade resources.  Corporations write laws that benefit the corporations through lobbying and political campaign financing.

Cultivating Harmony through Conflict and the need for enlightened leadership and innovative problem solving is strong into the years ahead. ~

Uranus rules:  electricity, radios, radon, internet, computers, laser beams, telepathy, revolution, inventors, inventions, technology, disruption, revolution, awakening, higher mind, uranium and platinum.

Taurus rules:  soft assets, earnings, salaries, gold, luxury products, form, sensuality, earth, the throat, gardens, jewelry, banks, diplomats, thyroid gland, cultivated crops, copper, brass, cattle, farm animals, architects, builders and singers.


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