Chiron Transits Aries (Digital Download) and Video Link - Jean Wiley

Chiron Transits Aries (Digital Download) and Video Link

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You can only download the video on your laptop or desktop (not your Ipad or Iphone) hence the reason you also receive a video LINK that is accessible across all platforms.

Chiron transits Aries. What does this "healing the identity transit" mean for you?  I discuss the Chiron transit house by house (sign by sign), and provide an in-depth look at the vulnerable and masterful centaur transit through your solar chart ~ Duration 46 minutes

Chiron shows the process of healing and were you become masterful, compassionate and wise ~

As Chiron finishes his transit through Pisces inspiring the feeling senses and intuitive faculties, his transit into Aries April 17, 2018 will be focused on strengthening and healing your personal identity and learning to become your own authority and sovereign being ~