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Jean Wiley

Mini Soul Sessions

Mini Soul Sessions

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Sunday, January 15th from 3-4:30 p.m. EASTERN US Time

Join me for this 90 minute webinar discussing your Soul Themes and 2023 trends.  Your birthchart is a revelatory tool for decoding the evolution you chose to explore in this lifetime. READ FEEDBACK BELOW FROM THE 1ST SESSIONS

Intentions for this gathering:

To aid in expanding your perception of self

To feel more self-respect, love and reverence for your journey

Energy Transfer - uplifting frequencies that emanate during the session aiding in the healing and subtle shifts in your own vibrational field

The opportunity to ask follow up questions

Nuts and Bolts:

The Zoom Webinar Link and Passcode is included in your order confirmation

I encourage you to register early well before the Webinar to avoid any confusion or stress

There will be no refunds

If you are unable to attend please contact me after the Webinar for the replay link


Overview and then I will read out the names and session order.

Video and mic open to ask questions during and after.

Seating is limited to 10 people

Feedback from 1st Soul Sessions Webinar:

"I really enjoyed my reading as well as those who participated. I felt there was a lot of crossover in advice which I found fascinating. It also made me feel part of a community. I also found that sidereal astrology gave me a more liberal view of myself and made more sense, (especially compared to the "mothering" part assigned to me through tropical cancer rising. Gemini rising as explained by you, was a better fit, as was my north node being in Aquarius). I kept having epiphanies the next day" ~Suzanna

"Amazing session. Jean is such a talented, connected soul. I had to schedule a private reading right away as she resonated so much with me!" ~Leigh

"Jean actually began my reading channeling how I pronounce my name with my accent. We had never spoken before. She tuned into some childhood issues and shared insight on my trajectory this lifetime. I got to ask a personal question. Plus I got information on the planets in my chart. The other folks' readings also seemed to shed light on my own life path. It was fun and I am.glad I stumbled upon the offer." ~Mark


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