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Jean Wiley

Soul Sessions with Jean (Live Event)

Soul Sessions with Jean (Live Event)

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Event Photo: Beth Robson Photography

Sunday, February 19th 6-7:30 p.m.

Location:  The Soulful Place

1485 General Booth Blvd, Suite 116,
Virginia Beach, VA 23454


For several years Jean has channeled a high vibrational group of Guides. They bring forth extremely loving and encouraging messages designed to shift your perspective of your life, your value and your journey on this teaching planet called Earth.

“We seek to discuss this time on your planet, the inherent re-birthing energy and your role within it.

The collective frequencies and how to move past your own programmed limitations to expand in the vibration of love and self-acceptance will be our focus.

Yet humanity is also in a time of learning to release the conflict model and move into a softer and awakened state of co-creativity.

Our goal is to make this an accessible exchange that you will take with you going forward” The Guides ~

Is it time to feel better and shift your perspective?

Sami Roy Photography

Join Jean Wiley on Sunday, February 19th at 6 p.m. EASTERN time for a 90 minute Soul Session


Introduction and discussion

Group channeled session with Jean’s guides that discuss the human journey from their expansive, deeply intelligent and love based perspective.

Energy transfers are felt during Jean's channeling as you feel uplifting shifts in your own mind/body.

Jean encourages audience questions (please keep these general for the benefit of the group) as we all gain from one another’s perspectives.


Jean has been an integration and soul coach for over 20 years.  Her “Mastering Energy” YouTube channel has garnered over one million views and she has worked with well over 3,000 lovely souls on their own personal journey of awakening.  She continues to work one on one with clients and holds monthly channeled sessions on her Patreon membership site.



“Jean Wiley’s ability to intuitively blend her life-coaching acumen, astrological guidance and divinely timed messages of empowerment is extremely important for people seeking purpose, balance and direction.” ~ John Edward psychic medium and former star of the “Crossing Over” television show. 

I see Jean as a Master of Manifestation, highly psychic and intuitively very gifted, but she is also brilliant, warm and grounded.” ~Lee Harris, CEO of Lee Harris Energy, Author and Channel.




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