August 21st: Total Solar Eclipse ~ themes of Healthcare for the US Chart

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 21st highlighting US developments has Healthcare firmly in it's scope. The Eclipse conjuncts the asteroid Hygeia the energy overseeing health practices.

Also, Chiron is retrograde conjunct the master health practitioner energy of progressed Aesculapia the father of Medicine in the US chart. Chiron will not turn direct (Chiron rules process and procedure) until December 5th.

The Solar Eclipses opposes the Aquarius Moon in the US chart - ruling the public (3rd house) and positively trines Progressed Venus in the 4th house of home and security. Venus rules the US chart of health and female healthcare. The Eclipse is across the legal axis of the 9th and 3rd houses - deals, lobbying, communications/PR.

The Eclipse in January 2018 will be the response to what develops now. ~ I feel the US citizens need to raise up their voices - history shows that positive change rarely happens unless it is demanded ~~ Sessions with Jean @

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