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Virginia, USA

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For over 20 years I have worked in the field of human development supporting clients in their personal journey of awakening, healing and how the soul influences the human experience.

In a session with you I apply three different skill sets:  opening to receive the Guide's perspective on your current journey, employing my intuitive skills to read the energy patterns in your birth chart, and utilizing many years of experience and expertise gained through Life/Soul Coaching.

My ability to identify and dismantle challenging experiences fuels my compassion to facilitate viewing your life from a higher perspective, deepening your own natural intuition and expanding into a more loving perception of self. 

Now serving over 3,000 clients

My background:

Life/Business Coach support the individual, sensitive, creative, small business owner, professional, manager, entrepreneur, and world server to understand their personal soul themes strengthening the client's confidence to lovingly embrace, feel knowledgeably empowered and respect their personal journey.
Hi-tech Permanent Placement - placing mid to high level managers in technical positions.  Negotiated employee package.
Director Business Development & Training developed and delivered training sales and customer service programs for Start-ups, Small Business, and Corporations. 
Radio Show Host answering callers questions on the subconscious mind and dream interpretation.

BFA Public Relations/Minor in Business 

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"Her business background and soul-based approach to her coaching sessions is why I have continued to work with Jean over the past five years. Jean has been an invaluable “soul” coach for me as well as a wealth of information and resources during these times. More importantly, Jean has helped and facilitated a connection with my own spirit team.  With much gratitude, Thank you, Jean."





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