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Virginia, USA

I have been a professional astrologer, human development professional and energy researcher since the mid-90's. My entry into the research of energy began early when I started experiencing precognitive dreams in childhood.

At 10 years of age I picked up my first astrology book and from there my insatiable curiosity lead me to study Jungian Psychology, intuitive development, Quantum Physics, precognitive dreaming, channeling and more!

Through the years I have honed my intuitive abilities and frequently draw upon them in my work with clients

My ability to identify and dismantle challenging childhood experiences fuels my compassion to support others to integrate their own life challenges.

As a Life Coach I worked with CEO's, Managers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Salespeople to clarify goals and effectiveness.
As a Professional Trainer I incorporated my energy and intuitive work in Sales, Leadership, The Art of Body Language, and Customer Service Training.  I developed and delivered workshops to non-profits, businesses and corporations.
As a Motivational Speaker I delivered talks on working with your inherent energetic abilities.
As a Director in both Business Development & Training I worked with Research and Development,  Start-Up (hi-tech), Small Business, and Corporations.
As a Permanent Placement Professional (aka Head Hunter) I worked with Human Resources, Hiring Professionals, and Candidates to match people with jobs prepping and coaching on salary negotiations, relocation, and benefit packages in mid to upper level hi-tech and management positions.


For two years I appeared on a monthly radio show in Pinehurst, NC answering listeners questions on the subconscious mind and dream interpretation. As I delve more deeply into my innate intuitive medium abilities I frequently come in contact with transitioned loved ones and guides.


Jean graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Business from Sam Houston State University in Texas


"Jean was the first astrologer I have come across that combines her intuitive abilities with her expert knowledge of Astrology and the energies all around us.  Adding in her business background and a soul-based approach to her coaching sessions is why I have continuously continued to work with Jean over the past five years. Jean has been an invaluable “soul” and Astrology coach for me as well as a wealth of information and resources during these times. More importantly, Jean has helped and facilitated a connection with my own spirit team.  With much gratitude, Thank you, Jean."

~Beth 2020


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