August 15th: Uranus stations retrograde

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Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and it's the energy of awakening, freedom, electricity, social media, groups you align with through ideology and otherwise, friends, progressive movements, disruptions, re-activeness, and brilliance is stationing retrograde August 15th at 10 degrees of Taurus until January 14th when he stations direct at 6 degrees.  Uranus in the Earth sign of Taurus also symbolizes the energy grid and frequency patterns.


Uranus, when retrograde, operates at the magnetic levels of internal development and awareness. Wherever Uranus is stationing in your chart you now have the time to bring resolution to situations and circumstances that developed early this year - it's a "look back" period of deepening your conscious intent while manifesting your reality.

Uranus stationing is a ripe time for strange behavior occurring with self and others, as well as unusual dynamics with your technology - car batteries, cell phones, computers and electrical gadgets.
In Taurus, Uranus is awakening the relationship between resources and money through July 2025.  Follow the money would be an apt statement when seeking to understand institutions, government spending, government legislation and who does what and why.
Taurus rules the 2nd house of personal resources (talents, self-worth, self-esteem and self-reliance), money and movable possessions.  

Taurus is a fixed feminine sign.  Venus rules this sign in exoteric astrology and Vulcan rules Taurus in esoteric astrology.  Taurus rules the throat, vocal quality, gold, land, earth's resources, and the elementals.

For the awakening people on the planet merging their soul self with personality, Taurus has to do with illumination on the physical plane but ironically not being trapped in the 3rd dimension of limitation, fear and time/space reality.  Detachment from desires and outcomes is a principle of the Law of Attraction trusting the where, when, who and how to divine timing. 

Taurus is associated with the heart chakra and the feeling nature.  Elevated, the heart knows that anything other than love is illusion.  Fear, greed and power games are the lower vibrations.
Taurus is the sign of earthly life, the art of living and presents those trials, tests and victories that are the propulsion system for growth and spirituality. 

Uranus transiting Taurus provides the impetus to solve and resolve financial issues by understanding underlying problems and financial structures.  The seeds of an entirely new system of exchange will be born during this time. 

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  • The last like 3 days 4 days and I just irritating uncomfortable feeling I am nervous about money which happens to be state government money and somebody I know but does not live here but visits decided to be a thief which I knew nothing about until it’s too late that could compromise me living here from what you said Gene it sounds like this could just fall into those circumstances that Taurus Uranus energy and can put people in and on both sides that positive and the negative I suppose. Thank you Jean I always like and appreciate your insight Happy New year to you

    Douglas Albrecht

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