July 15 - Dec. 19th: Chiron Retrograde Chiron transit of Aries ~ House by House Video

Through 2027 Chiron's transit of Aries  will draw our attention to the wounds inflicted on our will: to our fear of powerlessness. A collective awakening will strengthen regarding human rights and free will.  Perhaps he can teach us to resolve conflicts more openly without immediately becoming destructive. The search for personal identity is strong.  Chiron's transit of Aries creates a proactive avenue for creating new structures and collective organizing.  It is a spirited and pioneering time to trail-blaze new ways of living, working and participating in personal healing modalities.

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Discussion and Overview and then - Aries: 21:16 Taurus: 23:19 Gemini: 25:40 Cancer: 27:23 Leo: 30:24 Virgo: 33:01 Libra: 35:35 Scorpio: 37:15 Sagittarius: 38:35 Capricorn: 40:01 Aquarius: 42:16 Pisces: 44:06

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