December 24th: Saturn square Uranus


Dec. 24th: Final Saturn square Uranus 11 degrees Aquarius to Taurus. The final series of transits is often the bringer of breakthroughs, resolutions and movement going forward. Reliably we are seeing more control measures on planet. Censorship is strong as power seeks to shape and mold perceptions of collective events.

Guns are not used to control people but rather the flow of information, the utilization of pervasive and consistent "fear programming" and hence, the manufacturing of consent.

Uranus is awakening from his slumber as we move into January providing the impulse and "electric pulse" to help you move through limits regarding your own sense of freedom and authenticity.

For the individual the past year has been bringing up old perceptions of self in need of new reference points. Interestingly, as I was focusing on this transit the song "Everything Old is New Again" kept playing my head.

Sidenote:  Typically, I would place this shorter post on FB but they are not presenting or serving up my post in the feed. 

Pluto opposes Mercury from 2017 to 2024 from the 2nd house of finances to the 8th house of corporate money, fatalities, taxation and insurance (medical and otherwise), and pandemic protocols.  People are suspicious and feel they are not getting the whole truth.  Public awareness of propaganda and half-truths can propel a diligent awareness and discernment.  Making level headed decisions and learning to trust your intuitive insights and pragmatism is a passage of growth now. 

The Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020 brought the reshaping of power and structures.  The Pluto Return in the 2nd house US chart speaks to the power of money and control.  Perhaps one of the more troubling aspects of this time on planet has been the suppression of early home treatment protocols such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and supplements.  It is very unusual for the best minds in medicine to be censored in order to share what is viewed in some cases as life saving early treatment.



  • You are so appreciated for your gift of sharing valuable insightful messages.
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  • I totally agree. I read a statistic that 72% of the American people believe the country is going in the wrong direction. This is beyond political parties. This is a warranted lack of trust. God help us and God bless America. The people of America, not corporate interests.

    Diana Varlese
  • Thank you for your insights… so very much appreciated! Merry Christmas.

  • Merry Christmas


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