Friday, September 22nd: Happy Fall Equinox exact at 4:02 p.m EDT

Friday, September 22nd: Happy Fall Equinox exact at 4:02 p.m. EDT as the Sun ingress the initiating sign of Libra. In Libra you enter a time to balance, consider and choose. You may hold opposing situations in the forefront as Libra seeks to understand divergent opinions and approaches. Beauty can be especially fulfilling to the mind and spirit as it ultimately is food for the soul.
Mercury is in trine to Pluto lending a penetrating yet flowing aspect to the mind, work, communications and approach.
The Mars Neptune opposition comes into effect on Saturday as it perfects on Sunday. This may bring a feeling of lowered energy, confusion or fogginess to your activities. Mars Neptune also suggest insight into the concepts of compassion and being a part of a much larger cosmos and energy system.
Mars opposition Neptune may see you seeking to problem solve and gain information, resolution and insight into health issues, health practices and health solutions.
Refrain from taking action on situations that may not yet be clear. Music, rest, space, artistry, meditation and gentle living is enhanced now. ~

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