Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio


Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Monday at 12:14 a.m. EASTERN time at 25 degrees Scorpio opposes North Node (conjunct South Node) trines Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces, and squares Saturn in Aquarius. Totality visible from North and South America.
Culminations occur now in the areas of resources. Perhaps you are completing a financial restructuring or a way of earning money. Your partner’s situation develops or your company and their budgeting plans are reaching a climax now.
Lunar Eclipses highlight a need or want in your life be it through work, health or relationship. Awareness grows emotionally of areas in your life that are in need of change and release. The South Node in Scorpio asks “how does my psychology and habits of behavior affect my current life situation?”
Mind creates reality and as a world is awakening so too does personal responsibility.
Scorpio represents complexities, the shadow, crisis, sexuality, intimacy, psychic activity, corruption themes and secrets. Are there areas where you sabotage self?
The North Node in Taurus calls to growing approaches of groundedness, pragmatism, meeting your security needs, managing your money, living according to your values and inner confidence.
Finding balance between taking care of others and taking care of self is highlighted.
It’s a powerful time to set intentions to release unhealthy energy and habits of thought that do not serve you or others.

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