Jan 13 - 22nd (exact on the 17th) ~ Jupiter square Uranus

Jupiter square Uranus 6 degrees Aquarius to Taurus~ Uranus is stationing direct increasing the electric energy on Earth, excitability and erratic energy. Be kind with your technology do-dads and patient with your electronics.
Irritable and frustrated energy characterizes this transit. Rebellion can be a major problem, particularly if people feel that something or someone is standing in their way. The trouble is that sights may be set unrealistically high and lack normal powers of discrimination. Life can take on a reckless quality for some.
The 19th and the 20th of January are ramped up by this energy when Mars conjuncts Uranus amplifying sudden developments, change, quick actions and an outpouring of energy ~
Conversely making the most of new and exciting opportunities while showing some restraint and wisdom is encouraged now. You may perceive new paradigms opening and the dawning of higher vibratory understanding ~
The United States Progressed Moon is square Progressed Saturn (exact on Jan. 14th) indicating a world weariness, emotional fatigue and tense collective emotions.
Please take good care, ground, nurture yourself and others, and be safe ~


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