April 4th (exact): Pluto opposition North Node (conjunct South Node)

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The Nodes represent areas of evolutionary growth as a spiritual species.  The South Node, shaped like a cup, indicates the areas that have been developed and "filled."  The South Node now transits through Capricorn.  Capricorn represents societal influences, the mainstream and status quo within society.  Capricorn seeks conformity with little regard for emotional intelligence and individuality, or, what we would call the "soft skills" of work and life. The pressure to conform when over developed often leads to emotional repression. 

Politics, hierarchical structures, the boss, management, Corporations, and authority figures all fall under the Capricorn archetype - we are seeing more and more clearly the decay and erosion in these structures.  Corporate governance as Government is emerging into public view.

The lunar nodes will stay in Cancer and Capricorn for 18 months, until May 5, 2020.  Personal integrity is important, taking stock of self, developing a sense of internal leadership, and supporting and nurturing others ~

Cancer, or the North Node, is the area of development of a personal and distinct self image, and the ability to nurture yourself. The core intention within the Cancer archetype is to develop an internalized state of emotional security instead of depending on external sources to meet this need - through community, local relationships, nurturing, business solutions and cultivating family relationships (including family of origin and family of choice). Once this is achieved, the individual can then nurture from within, and help others to learn do to the same. In this way, the individual can progressively become inwardly secure within any external circumstance. 

Pluto conjuncts the South Node (past karma and development) and opposes (awareness) the North Node of Dharma or the area of evolution from 22 degrees Capricorn to Cancer. 

North Node requires effort, awareness and often bravery as it feels unfamiliar in the current collective vibration. 

Pluto represents the Soul, Evolution, the subconscious mind - below the level of awareness and operating much as a computer's operating system hums quietly away in the background.  Pluto transforms, dissolves and elevates unconscious patterns and survival themes.

The Path:  building inner foundations based on emotional stability, Soul growth vs Ego growth, strengthening your inner life, validating the feeling body, humility, acknowledging feelings without judgement, honest disclosure of feelings and insecurities. 

Contrast: releasing the need to control people and circumstances, ignoring the journey and being too focused on the goal, hiding fears and feelings in relationships, doing what is socially acceptable rather than what is authentically honest.  Workaholic tendencies and blind adherence to authority.

The paradox is that once you solved the South Node problem with the North Node, the outcome is not the North Node, but the South Node. The South Node is the ripening karma, for good and for bad.

The Lunar Nodes equation:

Problem (South Node) → Solution (North Node) → Outcome (South Node)

By acknowledging your authentic emotional needs and desires you contribute to the transformation of your goals, ambitions and life direction ~ this mirrors the Chiron transit of Individuation and Identity in Aries ~

Both Cancer and Capricorn are about survival, but while Cancer meets this need in the inside, by creating a safe ‘home’ and inner resilience, Capricorn meets this need on the outside, by gaining status, respect, and by playing an important role in the hierarchy. The most primal needs of people are the needs of security (Cancer) and status (Capricorn).


  • I noticed this being big being huge for so many in AA and NA twelve-step groups as what so many were or are there for,only the cancer side learning was often avoided b talking about the Capricorn side when it seemed to me the real learning was in the emotional of the two, the realizing and accepting that part that so many of us if not most of us try to avoid, hence drinking and using, bars going out to the bars to be social, have a drink to avoid those real questions we all want to know but are or were afraid to ask, might be too personal and uncomfortable for both sides of the conversation,,, so fuck it lets have a drink, avoid it and party through this one one more time.
    Bring this up in a twelve step meeting and watch how interesting the group suddenly gets and watch, listen and learn how similar we all suddenly are, we do have so many of those same insecurities, you know the ones that I thought nobody had but me. I wasn’t about to let that big group of people know i am the only one who is that way,,,so im not saying a word, and how long did i let that foulable wrong and very fixable belief stay in me, stay all alone in me so no one would know, nobody must know,,,that im so much, but didn’t know it, so much just like them. Well it feels a little better being human after all! Knowing we are all, ànd I mean all are so much more alike than i ever dreamed possible.
    Only i still get the feeling its a topic we have to have permission to even bring up, and those groups were and i think still are one place that permission is given to all of us when we walk through that door

    Douglas albrecht
  • This is what I have been feeling and wondering about. How reassuring it is to have that validated. Insecurity and wanting that feeling of internal security are precisely what I have been working with. And I had lost my way re self nurturing in the last 7 years or so. I was wondering how and why I ever stopped. But I can feel it coming back. I’m resting more, getting massages, being honest with my feelings even if they might not please others and I’m definitely future thinking with respect to employment, as in the current job, although it is serving a company has become rote. I can no longer be in environments that burn me out and that are so mental. Meantime, I am nonetheless grateful for everything that I have ( within me and without) and that I can do. The material ,(not that I have that much to begin with)and I could disappear in a flash. I was reminded of this this morning, when I was woken up by the fire alarm. A fire in the kitchen broke out two floors up. Thankfully no one was hurt but when the hoses and ladders outside of the building started going up to the 5th floor, I went into freeze mode and then I really understood the unknown. Gratefully, back in my bed watching two squirrels play tag on the tree outside my window. Thank you universe for keeping us safe today.🙏

    Tanya McLean
  • Thank you so much, Jean! My Natal NN is Cancer, SN Capricorn, and I’ve been transforming in awakening for about 8 years. It’s been quite a journey. My Saturn is in Aquarius, and my 2nd Return is coming up in 2020. So, so many transformations in the last 20-25 years. It feels like a whole other life I went through and past. Yet, I still have major morphing to transform and adjust into ahead. What the heck did I sign up for when I chose this life and lifetime!!??? Lol, I could have chosen worse challenges, and I’m here now, so I’ll continue.

    Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend! Sunday is my birthday, which I’ll celebrate in gratitude!😊💗

    My love,

    Vanessa Petrea

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