May Livestream and Free Will

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In the May livestream the Guides brought our attention to fear themes the media and power sources use to imprint and expand this energy in the collective mind. Their focus was on self-regulating your mental patterns and where you place your attention as free will is a tool for humans to consciously use in choosing what to expand in their consciousness.
“There is an understanding at the higher levels that there is much growth in consciousness that is awakening within many souls on planet. Many are moving through a passage of growing awareness in dealing with their programmed fear patterns.
Learning to work with your own mind and your own thoughts helps to attenuate and adjust your emotional vibrations.
We say this is so empowering because as you are working with this, this is also showing the way for how to bring calming energy into your system. Peacefulness cannot be overstated as a point of power for the human being now because when you are in the silence or the quiet, without the fear themes running, that then opens up space and energy within you to daydream a very natural human activity of engaging with energy that is pleasing to you, pleasurable to you, soothing to you and buoyant to you.”
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