Nessus and the United States 3rd house of Media and Communication ~

Matt Lauer is the latest media personality that has been fired for sexual misconduct. We can trace these developments to the Nessus return (exact in the Spring at 9 degrees Pisces) in the US chart in the 3rd house of media. Nessus represents habitual patterns of abuse be it sexual, emotional and psychological and with the Jupiter transit (ruling leaders, journalists and media) magnifying the effect in the sign of sex and power, Scorpio, the time is ripe.

Layers of the Nessus (and Neptune) energy are playing out in the country. We have a leader who has been consistently communicating that everything is fake except his information a defining hallmark of dictatorship behavior. The Nazi's enacted a propaganda assault on it's people like the world has never seen in recent eras. You can revisit my blog post on Nessus here ~

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