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FEEDBACK from a Webinar Participant:
Dear Jean,
Thank you again for your webinar and replay link. I have just watched it again, (great way to start my day 😊), and would like to add to my feedback. I found your wisdom and guidance very reassuring, uplifting and practical. So many things fell into place and made more sense. I really like your down-to-earth approach and delivery,. You are very nurturing and genuine.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Best Wishes, Susan
You may want to refer to this webinar over and over as the Guides brought in deep and profound healing energy discussing our human and galactic origins and why this time is so potent for moving beyond some of our programming into a expanded state of self-love, acceptance and profound nurturing.
Watch this topic rich video (1 hour and 22 minutes) discussing:
The Human Race and Galactic History
Codons and DNA shifts
How to work with Plasma Energy
Crystal functions – the Pineal Gland and Earth’s Core
Mental Limitations both the encoding and breaking through
Periods of Rest and timing
Distinction between Manifesting and Soul Path Themes
Managing and awareness of your own emotions and thought patterns
The shift from self-recrimination to love, acceptance and personal nurturing ~ $44.00

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