Saturday, March 20th ~ Spring Equinox

Photo by Beth Robson Photography

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Saturday, March 20th: SPRING EQUINOX exact at 5:37 a.m. EDT and the Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Equinoxes are power portals for new growth and increasing light here in the Northern Hemisphere. The light of consciousness, will, action-initiating energy and ambition is powerfully enhanced at the Spring Equinox when the Sun transits into Aries over the next 4 weeks. Sessions

Aries is a masculine fire sign – it is a Cardinal Sign which means new initiatives and chapters. “Actively Inspired” is an appropriate term. The Aries glyph is the RAM which plows stubble with its horns in order to expose new budding greens which can feed it’s family – thus the Ram represents a leader and one who blazes new trails – time to initiate something in your life!

Aries rules adrenaline, hats, fire, sharp objects and surgical operations. Aries occupations are entrepreneurs, surgeons, athletes, military, politicians, policeman, and salesmen. This is the sign of the Pioneer and Warrior.

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