The Heart Knows the Way

Drawing by Kimber Petrie
Channel Journal: The heart knows the way and the truth of many many things. The mind gets in the way of that in the business, detail, time of day living. Allow for the emptying out of that on a daily basis to clear that electronic and vibrational noise. Pay attention to the sensations of the body - in a way it’s much more of a truth teller then the logical thought pattern.
When you feel sick to your stomach, when your shoulders feel tight in a situation, if you are feeling a sense of withdrawal there may be good knowledge and common sense attached to that. The body knows more in its infinite wisdom then that waking mind can possibly compute or calculate. Integrate, listen and work with that more in your daily living.
We call that the Prana which is the integrated interaction of the Body Mind. Follow your instincts of when to rest, respond, engage, and retreat. It’s when you don’t listen to these rhythms that stress is put upon the organism and energy – trust the flow of your life and the natural urgings that occur and move you forward.

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