6 Monthly Integrative Coaching Sessions - Jean Wiley

6 Monthly Integrative Coaching Sessions

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My returning clients will note my price increase of last summer.  My Guides have been pushing me hard to bring more value to my multidimensional work or. Thank you and Blessings ~

I work with a multitude of skills including:  mediumship, channeling, 20 years of Coaching knowledge and your Astrological Soul Map. 

Sessions begin with Messages from Spirit

SESSION RECORDED on mp3 for your future reference ~

I schedule for EASTERN Daylight Time in the US ~ please convert the time if you live in a different time zone ~

We can discuss past influences, your current energy landscape and creative potentials going forward.  I provide a safe and supportive space ~

We meet once a month for six months - one hour per session.

This is an organic and intuitive engagement that is unique for each client. 


Coaching Sessions may include:

  • Personal and Professional Transitions
  • Converting talents, passions and desires into vocation
  • Developing Intuitive Skills
  • Exploring Your Relationships through the Composite Chart (merging your chart with another)
  • Relocation assessment
  • Optimum dates for important decisions
  • Manifestation Skill Development
  • Healing and Personal Energy Maintenance 
  • Learning to work with your Guides
  • Astrology Mentoring


** 24 hour advanced notice is required to reschedule a session otherwise a $45.00 rescheduling fee will be applied **

Jean's approach is stimulating, balanced, intelligent and informative.  I truly appreciate her energy.  ~John Edward, Psychic Medium and star of "Crossing Over" television show

I just want to pass on my congratulations for the way you pull together the 'out there' with the 'down here'.  It is so important for consciousness expansion to also have its feet on the ground. I wish you well with all you do. ~ David Icke, Author and Speaker