Pre-Recorded Year Ahead Audio Session

Pre-Recorded Year Ahead Audio Session

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Approximately 30 minutes in duration.  A high octane focus discussing the 12 months ahead as well as spiritual insight into personal purpose and evolution ~

I explore personality traits and tendencies with an emphasis on the soul's journey, natural talents, healing and life path.

Career, finances, spiritual development, moves and relationship topics are frequently addressed. 

Astrology is a powerful clock informing you as to the duration of any challenges and the potential for growth.  I approach the birthchart from a spiritual and soul growth perspective as I discuss the inherent potential for growth and evolution in the cycles at work in your chart.

Strong themes appear each year to move you along in your development and evolution.  I work with my intuitive faculties and the natal and progressed charts.


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+ $35.00 Add your Solar Return Chart

Your annual birthday carries it's own unique set of transits and energy. Your personal yearly solar cycle addresses the energy that is manifested on your birthday which unfolds throughout the year. 


+ $35.00 Add your Relocation Chart

When you move from your birth location your chart moves with you indicating different tendencies and focus.


+ $70.00 Add BOTH Relocation and Solar Return Charts



"Thank you for the session on September 25th. I have listened to the recording several times and have been so satisfied with your guidance and advice. I'm in such a time of transition, it was so nice to benefit from your spiritual and astrological gifts. Thank you so much." ~Pat